The General Secretariat contemplates the following areas:

  • The Legal Area provides advice on legal issues and matters to the plenary session of rectors, the General Secretariat and the other organs and commissions of the Council of Rectors. Specifically, its functions refer to the verification of the legality of administrative acts, the preparation of proposals and presentations directed to State bodies for the adoption of administrative and legislative measures that strengthen the higher education system, legislative monitoring and analysis. of current bills and laws that refer to or affect higher education matters, the technical representation of the Council of Rectors before ordinary courts, supervisory bodies and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, the preparation of regulations, manuals, instructions, internal regulations and procedures, monitoring and analysis of resolutions issued by ordinary courts, the Constitutional Court and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic that refer to or affect higher education matters.

  • The Administration and Finance Area It is in charge of ensuring the efficient and timely management of the financial, material and human resources of the Council of Rectors. It materializes the budgeting, accounting and administration processes of the Council in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework in force. Likewise, it keeps the records and antecedents of the personnel, exercises the control and supervision of the auxiliary personnel, takes the inventory of movable property and ensures the conservation and maintenance of the premises in which the Council of Rectors operates.

  • The Communications Area, is responsible for designing, proposing and implementing the communication policy of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities, both in the public space and in the university environment. In addition, it provides advice on the construction of public discourse; elaborates and disseminates pertinent and relevant contents of the work of the Board; coordinates communication actions with universities; manages its own media and channels; and manages the relationship with the media.

  • The Studies and Development Area Its purpose is to generate and systematize information that facilitates the strategic decision-making process by the Board of Rectors. To do this, it designs and develops studies, in addition to preparing analytical reports, publications, bulletins or other documents. Its functions include the following: articulate the inter-institutional initiatives of the universities of the Council of Rectors; generate instances that allow systematic analysis and reflection on the development of higher education and its implications in various fields.