The Council and Public Policies

In accordance with the provisions of Law 21.091 on Higher Education, published on May 29, 2018: “The Council of Rectors is responsible for advising and formulating proposals to the Ministry of Education in public policies on higher education, in accordance with its statute. organic. Likewise, its function is to coordinate the institutions that comprise it, promoting collaboration between them ”(Title I, General Provisions, Art. 5).

On the other hand, by virtue of DFL 2 of 1985 (Mineduc, Organic Statute of the Council of Rectors), it is also the function of the Council to propose initiatives and solutions to higher education institutions, in order that they act in coordination to manage improvements in the performance and quality of higher education.

By virtue of the foregoing, in this section you can find approaches or proposals of the CRUCH in various subjects of Higher Education.

CRUCH Proposal for the regulation of use of Surpluses of the University Credit Solidarity Fund in the Budget Law 2021

November 2020

Observations on the first process of tariff regulation

September 2020

CRUCH universities in the face of the health emergency due to Covid-19

May 2020

Analysis and Proposals of the Council of Rectors regarding the implementation of Gratuity by Law 21,091

May 2019

On the Bill that modifies paragraph 5 of the Transitory Provisions of Law 21.091 on Higher Education

March 2019

Observations of the Council of Rectors to the Draft Law on Solidarity Financing (SIFS)

January 2019

Bill that increases Gratuity to the seventh decile in Professional Technical Education

May 2018

Proposals of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities for the Reform of Higher Education

Jul 2015